Completing the Arctic's Surveillance Picture

As the Arctic demands an ever more prominent position on foreign policy agendas, patrol and reconnaissance must step up. Delivering enhanced situational awareness will demand a collaborative response, not only from regional partners, but from different platforms. Space, air, maritime and land assets must integrate, in order to deliver a comprehensive picture of this most austere of environments.

Arctic Patrol and Reconnaissance 2017 will be a unique opportunity to debate the future development of High North capability. Senior commanders and leading solution providers will gather to discuss solutions to limited satellite coverage, poor communications and hostile climatic conditions. These operational issues will be set alongside high-level strategic discussions, which will identify the future priorities for enhanced Arctic security.


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Attend Arctic Patrol & Reconnaissance 2017 to:

Understand the requirements of stakeholders looking to deliver situational awareness in the Arctic and contribute to their evolving strategies for delivering surveillance, reconnaissance and patrol

Be the first to hear lessons learned from recent Arctic exercises and what this means for future of capability development.

Highlight your solutions in response to specific operational requirements and demonstrate their benefits to key customers and end-users.

Develop a clear understanding of the civil-military interplay in Arctic affairs and how best to engage with the right decision makers to further your organisation’s profile as a solution provider.

Engage with stakeholders from across the Arctic community- including senior operational, procurement and policy officials- to shape your product strategy for approaching the regions biggest procurement programmes.

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