Completing the Arctic's Surveillance Picture

                                                                                   CO-LOCATED WITH SEARCH AND RESCUE 2017

As the Arctic demands an ever more prominent position on foreign policy agendas, patrol and reconnaissance must step up. Delivering enhanced situational awareness will demand a collaborative response, not only from regional partners, but from different platforms. Space, air, maritime and land assets must integrate, in order to deliver a comprehensive picture of this most austere of environments.

Arctic Patrol and Reconnaissance 2017 will be a unique opportunity to debate the future development of High North capability. Senior commanders and leading solution providers will gather to discuss solutions to limited satellite coverage, poor communications and hostile climatic conditions. These operational issues will be set alongside high-level strategic discussions, which will identify the future priorities for enhanced Arctic security.


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Attend Arctic Patrol & Reconnaissance 2017 to:

Adopt new sensors capable of improving maritime domain awareness for your sea-based platforms, allowing you to better monitor Arctic traffic and deliver a responsive search and rescue function

Learn how to use space-based ISR as a force multiplier, in order to direct the efficient deployment of your other reconnaissance assets 

Overcome limitations in your observational satellite coverage by leveraging drones and high-resolution imaging, and improve communications by adopting AIS and transportable radio solutions

Work towards an integrated approach to Arctic reconnaissance and patrol, combining different intelligence-gathering platforms to maximise coverage and produce an operationally-usable surveillance picture

Understand the future direction of Arctic governance, and determine how the resultant policy will affect military capability and investment

Co-located with:

Search & Rescue 2017 will provide the latest insight and expertise on: international interoperability, communication and mission coordination, and the performance of the latest SAR technology on the “front line” of operations. Leading SAR experts presenting on key issues such as mass rescue, operating at maximum efficiency on a restricted budget and the latest technological developments. Hear from the likes of the Royal Canadian Air Force, Icelandic Coast Guard and Italian Coast Guard on latest procurement requirements and technological/equipment priorities

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